LOOP-LOC Pool Covers: One Less Thing to Worry About

Maintaining your pool in the offseason is just as important as how it is maintained while in use. Whether for keeping debris from collecting or protecting inhabitants of the space from the dangers of a closed pool, the pool professionals from Crystal Pools can help. It’s our honor to provide your family with the LOOP-LOC Pool Cover systems.

What is a LOOP-LOC Pool Cover?

A LOOP-LOC pool cover system represents the highest quality, most robust safety pool cover system available. The system involves securing the top of the swimming pool in the offseason with a tight mesh webbing held taut with retractable brass anchors. The mesh allows for rain and melted snow to pass through while keeping out all debris from the pool. When properly installed, the LOOP-LOC system is strong enough to support the weight of an elephant. Each LOOP-LOC system comes with a 15-year warranty. As the most popular style of swimming pool cover, we’ve installed hundreds of LOOP-LOC systems since 1994.

Tarp-Style Swimming Pool Covers

Tarp-Style Swimming Covers

Tarp-style swimming pool covers are inexpensive means of keeping debris from the inside of your pool during the offseason. A tarp cover is held in place with water-filled bags to minimize movement due to wind. These tarp-style options are typically disposed of shortly before the pool’s reopening.

Leaf Net Swimming Pool Covers

A leaf net swimming pool cover is for non-winterized pools during the offseason—especially in fall. These covers are used to keep leaves and debris from accumulating in the swimming pool during these times.

Questions About Pool Covers?

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