Filtering for a Fantastically Fun Summer

The heat is up, and many are heading to the pool to stave off the summer heat. For pool owners, whether public or private, it is essential to understand the importance of pool operation. It is always easy to call a repairman, but this costs valuable money that should not be spent unnecessarily. One of the key pieces of equipment for a pool is the filter. Understanding the various types of swimming pool filters and how they function can go a long way toward keeping your pool water crystal clear.

There are three types of filtration systems that are commonly used for keeping swimming pool water sparkling through the year: Sand Filter, Cartridge Filter, and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters. Each of these filters will effectively maintain the quality of your pool’s water; but, there are pros and cons for each.

A sand filter requires very little maintenance, is inexpensive, and usually lasts for about 7 years. The downside to sand filters is the need for backwashing. These filters are also not energy efficient, and may cause an increase in utility costs.

Cartridge filters are successful at slower speeds which conserves energy. This type of filter does not require backwashing, but does require more maintenance than sand filters. Also, they need to be replaced more frequently. Cartridge filters should be cleaned one to two times per swimming season.

Diatomaceous Earth filters are excellent for getting minute particles down to 5 microns. DE can be added directly through the pool skimmer which is easy to do. This sort of filter requires a great deal more maintenance, and is more costly. There is also a health hazard as DE in powder form is carcinogenic.

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