Come to Us for Swimming Pool Supplies and Maintenance

What a joy it is to float around in clear, clean water on a hot day! However, you need to take care of a swimming pool correctly to make this possible. Crystal Pools Inc. is the place to turn for swimming pool supplies and maintenance needs. We will keep the pool water sanitary and safe for your use all throughout the year.

We will perform regular maintenance on your pool to make sure it is in ideal condition. This will include checking the mechanics of your system and the condition of the water and pool structure. Pool maintenance includes testing the water to check if it needs any chemicals added to keep it sanitary for swimming. You will need to learn to do this in between our visits.

Our technicians also know how to spot problem areas that need repairs. Do not fret if repairs are merited as we also can help you in this area. We perform coping, tile, gunite repair and replacing, along with pool resurfacing. We can remodel stained and stamped concrete, and perform equipment upgrades, water feature additions and V.G.B compliant retrofits.

Crystal also carries pool covers to protect the pool over the winter months. Covers keep leaves, twigs and other debris out of the water. This helps protect the overall condition of the pool. Leave the cover on all through the winter to have less prep work in the spring to prepare it for swimming season.

Come on in for free water testing and all your swimming pool supplies, and other pool needs. You also can call us at 918-299-8228 to arrange an appointment. We want to help you enjoy crystal, clear water in your swimming pool. Please let us be of service to you today.