Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Swimming pool safety covers have been used for over half a century to reduce some of the risks associated with swimming pools. There was a time when these covers were nothing more than a large piece of canvas that extended beyond the perimeter of the pool. By 1941, these covers became vinyl laminated polyester that was weighted down to provide better protection from injury, along with keeping animals and debris out of the water.

Mesh style swimming pool safety covers were then sold in 1957 to combat the accumulation of water on the covers, to help reduce the risk of drowning. After rainstorms and snow, water would still pool in the middle of the older tops and small children and animals could still drown. The mesh covers prevented the buildup of water and allowed for additional safety.

Over the years, the styles and designs of the swimming pool safety covers continue to evolve. This includes improvements to the material so that it would hold up better in the weather, while visual enhancements have also been made to ensure that they remain pleasing to the eye. Once you have the measurements of your pool, you can choose from a number of designs and materials.

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