Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming Pool Pumps

The heart of a swimming pool circulation system is the pool pump. Its job is to move water from the pool and send the water through the filter for the removal of any dust, debris, and dirt prior to returning the water to the swimming pool.

The most common question that most swimming pool owners have is, “ How long should we run the swimming pool pump ? “

There are too many variables for one “ covers every swimming pool “ answer.  Piping size, pool size, sanitizing system, filter size and type, swimmer load, and actual pump size and type all play a part in determining how long the pump needs to run. Contact the professionals at Crystal Pools Inc. who can determine, based on all the variables, the proper amount of time required to keep your swimming pool clean and clear.

NOTE: If your swimming pool pump is not running, the water in your swimming pool is not being properly circulated or filtered and if you have a saltwater swimming pool, you are not generating chlorine. Running the swimming pool pump and circulating the water is the best way to prevent problems.

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