Swimming Pool Filters

Swimming Pool Filters

The job of the swimming pool filter is to remove any undissolved dirt and debris from the pool water. While the skimmer basket and the pump basket both play a part in the filtering of the swimming pool water, the main component we will discuss here is the swimming pool filter.

There are three types of filter used in swimming pools to remove dirt and debris that enter the water via swimmers and mother nature.

1. Sand Filter

2. Cartridge Filter

3. Diatomaceous ( D.E. ) Filter

Debris is removed from the sand filter by “ backwashing “ or reversing the flow of water through the filter. The sand filter should be backwashed when the pressure gauge indicates an 8-10 lbs. increase over your normal operating pressure. This is the pressure indicated on the pressure gauge when the sand filter is completely clean.

Sand filters are more efficient when they are slightly dirty; therefore they should only be backwashed when required due to increase in the filter pressure.

The sand in the filter should be cleaned every season, and the sand changed every five seasons.

Debris should be removed from a cartridge filter when the pressure gauge indicates an 8-10 lbs. increase over normal operating pressure. Refer to your owner’s manual for your filters pressure range. To clean the filter cartridges, remove the cartridges from the filter and hose off all the loose dirt and debris. Then soak the filters in a filter cleaning solution for 24 hours. This will remove oils, suntan lotions and dirt imbedded in the pleats of the cartridge. After soaking, remove the cartridges from the cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly with fresh water. To avoid any downtime while cleaning the cartridges, simply re-install the filter top section and you can run the filtration system without the cartridges.

Like sand filters, Diatomaceous Earth ( D.E. ) Filters are cleaned by backwashing the filter when the pressure gauge indicates a 10 lb. increase over normal operating pressure. However, once the filter has been backwashed, new D.E. powder must be added to the filter to coat the grids inside the filter. This is done by pouring a mixture of water and D.E. powder through the skimmer.

At least a couple of times a year the D.E. filter should be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and the D.E. grids inspected for tears.  Go the equipment tab on our homepage to view different brands and models of swimming pool filters.

Remember, if you don’t know your filter type or need further information regarding the operation of the filter, the pool professionals at Crystal Pools Inc. are here to assist you.

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