Summer is coming to an end and so is swimming season. It is time to make sure you know how to protect your pool during the cold weather months that will soon be upon us here in Tulsa and nearby areas. Luckily, special swimming pool winter covers are available on the market today for this purpose. Place one of the covers on your pool to keep leaves, debris, and other items out of your pool.

You can purchase one of the Loop Loc covers for your pool from us, Crystal Pools Inc. These covers are known for their durability and safety. They are strong enough to hold up an elephant and we have a photo on our website to prove this fact. We have sold hundreds of Loop Loc covers to pool owners over the years, as an authorized dealer for the company.

Pools covers are not the only service we provide to you, though, as we also offer pool maintenance and repair services. We will help you properly maintain all the parts of your pool, including the condition of the water. Our professionals will also repair anything that is found broken or not working on your pool.

We will prepare your pool for the summer season, as well as get it ready for the cold winter months. Our professionals will also come out throughout the swimming season if you so desire. The goal of Crystal Pools, Inc. is to provide you with crystal clear water in which to swim.

Just call us at 918.299.8228 for an appointment today. We will send a professional to your pool to provide the right size of our swimming pool winter covers or one of our many other pool services to you. You will never have to worry about what the condition of you pool is again with us assisting you in the care of it.

Tarp Style Swimming Pool Cover:
The tarp style swimming pool covers are an inexpensive way to cover your swimming
pool for the winter. The water in the pool supports the cover and water bags are used
around the perimeter of the pool to keep wind from getting under the cover. During the
winter months the leaves and any water that accumulates on the cover has to be
removed. This type of swimming pool cover is considered disposable, in the spring you
throw the cover away. No cleaning or storage problems.    

Loop-Loc Safety Cover:
The Loop-Loc safety cover is the ultimate swimming pool cover. Loop-Loc pool covers
are custom fitted to each swimming pool and are secured to the swimming pool deck
with a series of retractable brass anchors. Unlike the tarp style cover there is no water
to pump off or leaves to remove. Loop-Loc safety covers come with a 15 year warranty.
Crystal Pools Inc. has sold and installed hundreds of these covers since 1994.

Loop Loc pool covers are the most popular and safe pool cover on the market.  Call Crystal Pools Inc.  today for your free consultation on our swimming pool covers or you may email us at info@crystalpoolsok.com. Crystal Pools Inc is an authorized Loop Loc dealer.  We have sold and installed hundreds of these covers since 1994. How strong are Loop Loc covers?  Click HERE to see Bubbles the elephant walk on the Loop Loc safety cover.

Leaf Net:
Leaf nets are a great way to keep spring and fall tree messes from getting into your
swimming pool. Leaf nets are typically on the swimming pool for a couple of months in
the spring and a couple of months in the fall. When the trees are done making their
mess the leaf net is removed. The swimming pool is typically not winterized when using
a leaf net.