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Come to Us for Swimming Pool Supplies and Maintenance


Come to Us for Swimming Pool Supplies and Maintenance

What a joy it is to float around in clear, clean water on a hot day! However, you need to take care of a swimming pool correctly to make this possible. Crystal Pools Inc. is the place to turn for swimming pool supplies and maintenance needs. We will keep the pool water sanitary and safe for your use all throughout the year.

We will perform regular maintenance on your pool to make sure it is in ideal condition. This will include checking the mechanics of your system and the condition of the water and pool structure. Pool maintenance includes testing the water to check if it needs any chemicals added to keep it sanitary for swimming. You will need to learn to do this in between our visits.

Our technicians also know how to spot problem areas that need repairs. Do not fret if repairs are merited as we also can help you in this area. We perform coping, tile, gunite repair and replacing, along with pool resurfacing. We can remodel stained and stamped concrete, and perform equipment upgrades, water feature additions and V.G.B compliant retrofits.

Crystal also carries pool covers to protect the pool over the winter months. Covers keep leaves, twigs and other debris out of the water. This helps protect the overall condition of the pool. Leave the cover on all through the winter to have less prep work in the spring to prepare it for swimming season.

Come on in for free water testing and all your swimming pool supplies, and other pool needs. You also can call us at 918-299-8228 to arrange an appointment. We want to help you enjoy crystal, clear water in your swimming pool. Please let us be of service to you today.

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Get Stylish, Long-lasting Beauty with Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners


Get Stylish, Long-lasting Beauty with Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners

There’s a lot more to a swimming pool than having it built, filled, and enjoyed to the max. Maintenance and occasional repair and upgrades including new swimming pool liners are important ways to make sure the family continues to enjoy the pool for years to come.

Aboveground and in-ground pools provide a lot of entertainment in the safety of your yard. In-ground pools add to property value and curb appeal of a home. Choosing the right contractor to clear the land and dig the hole for the pool is just part of the work that needs done. The walking and sitting area should be safe to walk upon when it’s wet, and add to the ambience of the yard and exterior of your home.

Swimming pool liners protect the pool itself. They also add diversity to its appearance because of the many different patterns and designs from which to choose. It is such a delight to relax on your pool float and enjoy the design visible through the clear water.

Vinyl liners help guard against corrosion, identified by signs of pitting, eating away, and etching. They are also advantageous in the pool because they are easier to clean than other types of surfaces. There’s no concern about scraped skin with the smooth lining. As a rule, the higher quality of the lining that is used, the longer it will last.

Serving the Tulsa area for over 10 years, Crystal Pools is the only name you need to know for pool maintenance and supplies. We invite you to drop by for all your swimming pool needs and free water testing or call us at 918-299-8228.

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The Benefits of Using Swimming Pool Covers


The Benefits of Using Swimming Pool Covers

Cold weather is upon us and this means it is time for people here in Tulsa to winterize their swimming pools. This helps to protect the pool’s condition for the cold months ahead. One item with which you will need to protect your pool effectively is one of the swimming pool covers that are available on the market today. You have come to the right place. Crystal Pools, Inc. is an authorized dealer for Loop Loc pool covers, which are highly durable.

These covers are so strong that we can show you proof of an African elephant named Bubbles walking on one that is outstretched over a pool. Loop Loc covers come in any style and size of pools. Various colors also are available. Your pool will have adequate protection all winter long from dirt, leaves, twigs and other debris. However, covers this sturdy also prevent pets and kids from accidentally falling into the pool. Therefore, these covers help your yard to become a safer place.

A number of our customers rave about the quality of these covers. We have sold hundreds of these covers, over time, as an authorized dealer of Loop Loc covers. This, however, is not the only way we can assist you in caring for a swimming pool.

Crystal Pools provides maintenance services, repair services, and even remodeling services to pool owners. We even carry pool supplies that you will need in between our visits so you can maintain your pool throughout the year. Come to us for anything to do with your pool structure, water condition, or mechanical system connected to the pool.

Come on into our location to receive free water testing and any other needs for swimming pool covers or other supplies you may have. If you prefer, call us at 918-299-8228 and we will set up an appointment for you or answer any of your questions.

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Eliminate Germs with Swimming Pool Chemicals


Eliminate Germs with Swimming Pool Chemicals

A swimming pool can be a joy to own. In addition to the presence of the pool boosting the equity of your property, face it, jumping into a pool on a hot summer day is a lot of fun. Of course, you definitely want the water to be safe and hospitable to you. This is where the right mix of pool cleaning chemicals come into play.

Swimming pool chemicals are capable of effectively neutralizing germs and other less than desirable organic matter from the water. Lying a cover on top of the pool is a huge help, but it can only do so much. Dirt, leaves, bugs, and other foreign matter and substances are going to somehow find their way to make contact with the water.

Then, there could be even worse problems….

Possums and raccoons likely are going to target your pool as a source of drinking water. These creatures bring with them many germs that can find their way into the pool.

A sobering thought to be sure.

This is why swimming pool chemicals are so critical to purchase and use in the proper way. Once the chemicals mix with the water, all those troubling germs are eradicated.

Once the germs are eliminated from the pool, the pool itself becomes a lot safer to swim in….and this is what you want, correct?

Purchasing quality swimming pool chemicals is a must in order to be sure the water is treated properly. We have what you are looking for in swimming pool treatment products. Come on in for free water testing and all your swimming pool needs or call us at 918-299-8228.

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Why It Pays to Invest in High Quality Swimming Pool Equipment


Why It Pays to Invest in High Quality Swimming Pool Equipment

From water jets to filtration equipment, there is no doubt that it pays to invest in high quality swimming pool equipment. While settling for something that is less expensive may seem like a good idea on the front end, doing so can mean trouble later on. Here are a couple of examples: 

Going with a Budget Priced Filtration Unit

Filtering the water in the pool is necessary to keep it clean and fresh. To manage the task, you need to include an efficient pool filtration system in your arsenal of swimming pool equipment. Opt for one that is easy to operate, connects to the pool with ease, and requires no more than basic maintenance. Spending a little more for these benefits will mean less frequent calls to a service technician, and the need to pay for constant repairs. 

More Years of Reliable Use

With all forms of swimming pool equipment, focus mainly on how long the devices can be expected to work. The price is really a secondary concern. Think of what would happen if you purchased a pool pump for a great price, but it only lasted until shortly after the warranty expired. Now consider what it would be like to pay a little more and have that pump last twice as long. The latter option will mean that you save money over time, and still get to enjoy the pool. 

Keep in mind that a pool with the right equipment provides many hours of enjoyment. Every time you decide to skimp on the quality of that equipment, there is the risk of having to forego some of those hours. Don’t run the risk. Always buy supplies and equipment that are designed to last and provide excellent service. In the end, that extra cost will be worth every penny.

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Swimming Pool Safety Covers


Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Swimming pool safety covers have been used for over half a century to reduce some of the risks associated with swimming pools. There was a time when these covers were nothing more than a large piece of canvas that extended beyond the perimeter of the pool. By 1941, these covers became vinyl laminated polyester that was weighted down to provide better protection from injury, along with keeping animals and debris out of the water.

Mesh style swimming pool safety covers were then sold in 1957 to combat the accumulation of water on the covers, to help reduce the risk of drowning. After rainstorms and snow, water would still pool in the middle of the older tops and small children and animals could still drown. The mesh covers prevented the buildup of water and allowed for additional safety.

Over the years, the styles and designs of the swimming pool safety covers continue to evolve. This includes improvements to the material so that it would hold up better in the weather, while visual enhancements have also been made to ensure that they remain pleasing to the eye. Once you have the measurements of your pool, you can choose from a number of designs and materials.

Of course, before you choose the perfect safety cover, you’ll want to talk to us at Crystal Pools. Take a moment to Come on in for free water testing and all your swimming pool needs or call us at 918-299-8228. We will work closely with you to ensure that all your swimming pool needs are handled as quickly as possible.

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Top Swimming Pool Winterizing tip


Top Swimming Pool Winterizing tip

Now that summer is over, it’s time to start preparing the pool for the winter months. Swimming pool winterizing tips start with taking care of your water. Check its pH level to ensure it is about 7.5. If not, add some dry acid to the water. Then check the water’s chlorine level and add a winterizing product to the water to protect your water from algae through the winter months. You also have to run your pump about six hours every day of the cold months to prevent any algae from settling in.

Clean summer covers

Check for leaks and switch the skimmer valve off. Let the water drain to about six inches under the skimmer’s bottom, wherein you have the perfect amount of water in the pool. Summer covers should be cleaned using fresh water or a pressure washer and once cleaned, keep it in the building or garage and take out the winter cover to cover the pool.

Check to ensure the winter cover has enough tension to prevent anything from entering under the cover. Make it a point to check the pool cover a few days a week to ensure it is still tight. Consequently, inform your friends and family that the pool is closed for winter so that they don’t go near it. Under no circumstance should a person or even a child get on the pool’s winter cover.

No water in equipment

After taking care of the cover, take care of the equipment by draining away water from the pump, filter and heater using its drain plug. This is necessary as any water in the equipment may freeze during the winter months to cause permanent damage to your equipment.

Once you are done preparing your pool for the winter with these swimming pool winterizing tips, you can relax knowing your pool is well protected for winter. Of course, if you don’t have the time or patience to do this, and if you need help closing your indoor pool, feel free to ask us for a free water testing. Get help for all your swimming pool needs by calling us at 918-299-8228.

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How to Go About closing inground pool for winter


How to Go About closing inground pool for winter

The coming of fall indicates it is time to close your inground pool for winter. A bit of preparation is all that is required to ensure your pool is well protected in winter so that you can quickly open your pool in spring. Here is the preparation involved in closing inground pool for winter.

  • The water should be chemically balanced before closing the pool as the water will not be completely drained from the pool. Water that is chemically balanced helps to prevent scale build-up and corrosion throughout the winter months.

Add chemicals to reach a pH between 7.2 and 7.6 alkalinity and between 80 and 120 parts per million (ppm) in the water. The water should also have calcium hardness between 175 and 250 ppm and between 1 and 3 ppm of chlorine.

  • Unbolt to remove all the ladders and rails from the pool and deck, and clean all the pool surfaces. Brush the pool sides and bottom, and vacuum out all debris from the pump basket, skimmer and filter.
  • If the pool has an automatic chlorinator, remove its chlorine product. Add winterizing chemicals to the deep end of the pool as per instructions.
  • Then pump out the pool water till its level is below the water jets and skimmer. An air compressor can be used to blot out the water from the plumbing lines by forcing air into the skimmer.
  • Either screw caps on the water jets or use some foam plugs if there are no threads. Pour a gallon of antifreeze per 10 feet of plumbing line into the skimmer.
  • Remove all the pool equipment drain plugs like filter tank and pool pump and store all of them in the pump basket for winter.
  • Last, install the winter pool cover and hold it down using water tubes.

Remember that while closing inground pool for winter, you should never completely drain the pool. Complete draining of the pool risks damaging the liner. The water should be drained until it is just below the water jets and skimmer.

If you need help closing your indoor pool or you need a free water testing, call us at 918-299-8228.

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Why Winter Pool Covers are Important


Why Winter Pool Covers are Important

Winter pool covers are an essential item for any swimming pool. These covers help to reduce the amount of energy you need to maintain the pool and keep falling leaves and debris from getting into the water. That will leave your water perfect each time you decide to spend some time in the pool.

In the winter, it will also help to better maintain the temperature of the water. Typically, winter pool covers will be designed to use solar power to better maintain the warmth of the pool. The result is heaters need to run for less time before the water becomes comfortable and less energy being consumed.

It will also reduce the risk of the water freezing. One of the worst things that can happen to a pool is for the water to freeze as this will cause it to expand and that can cause damage to the walls and pipes in the pool.

Accidents are kept to a minimum when winter pool covers are in place. With a cover in place, if someone walking by should slip on ice, they will land on the cover rather than in the pool and a potentially deadly situation can be avoided.

Winter pool covers are an important item for you to have in place. But before the winter season starts, feel free to stop in for free water testing and to inquire about all of your swimming pool needs. You can also call us at 918-299-8228. That way, you can be sure your water is ready to go, even during the coldest months of the year.

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The 5 Essential Parts of Pool Maintenance (Swimming Pool Closing)


The 5 Essential Parts of Pool Maintenance (Swimming Pool Closing)

Nothing beats the fun of jumping into a swimming pool with clean water. Every pool owner knows the importance of keeping the pool clean. This helps to avoid complicated and expensive fixes in the future. With that in mind, it is important to set up a plan for routine maintenance to cover the five vital areas of pool care.
 Regular Cleaning – At the top of the list of pool maintenance is cleaning the pool and its surroundings at least once a week to keep them clear of debris. Using a long-handled leaf skimmer net can help remove floating particles that may settle to the bottom. Brushing and spraying with a hose can remove stubborn dirt.
• Proper Circulation – The more movement in the water, the less likely it will be for bacteria and algae to grow. It is ideal to circulate the water for 10 hours or more during the day to insure chemicals are thoroughly mixed throughout the pool.
• Water Filtration – An important pool equipment to install is the filter. It removes visible and invisible pool particles that cloud the water. Ideally, a filter should automatically remove trapped materials on or in the filter media. Backwashing is necessary when the pressure gauge registers more than 8 to 10 psi.
• pH and Sanitizer Testing –The pH and the level of active sanitizer are critical factors that affect the water condition. Taking a sample of the pool water for testing before and after swimming pool closing to help maintain the proper water balance and ensure the maintenance of adequate sanitizer level.
• Proper Balance of Chemicals – Adding the right amount of chemicals is important. It provides multiple benefits such as having sanitary swimming area and balanced water that stays brilliant and sparkling at its best.
Proper pool maintenance is the ultimate responsibility of pool owners. Always adhere to a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your pool continues to provide safe and clean refreshing fun. If you need professional maintenance service, come on in for free water testing and get all your swimming pool needs from Crystal Pools, Inc. Call us at 918-299-8228 and leave the worrying to us.



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